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Juif Errant Cover

This is a cover for the new Gandahar N°4 where you can find information here : (french)

I was happy to make this cover, but quite difficult because whith this subject, it is quite difficult for me to find a representation 🙂


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Old and Wip

Voici une collection d’images, certaines vieilles, certaines des WIP ou des recherches sans aboutissement. Vous reconnaitrez les couvertures des Romans de Romain d’Huissier que vous pourrez trouver ici :

“Les 4 élixirs du docteur Zhu” et “La rédemption du phénix” faisant partie de la saga : “LES CHRONIQUES DU JIANG HU”

Vous pourrez d’ailleurs trouver des informations ici :

Le reste, du Zombie pour LnL Publishing quelques recherches personnelles.

couverture1_V12 chevalerie2C LnL_zombie3 Gargouillette4


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Forgot to put this old one.

Here illustrations from Devastra, game published by Pulp Fever (Seems to don’t exist anymore). I realize that I post the WIP but not the final one. I was in rush when I made this, received pressure from the publisher and finally the game was print in out of delay 🙂

devastra_preTire_varki devastra_preTire_vanij devastra_preTire_kesini devastra_preTire_andha